Vision & Mission

The goal of PREMANUS is to overcome the asymmetric distribution of information in the End of Life recovery of products by connecting OEMs and subcontractors, with a special emphasis on remanufacturing.


PREMANUS will provide an on demand middleware which combines information and product services within one service oriented architecture.

PREMANUS is driven by the vision that in the near future the vast majority of industrial products is traced from design, manufacturing, use, and re-use along the complete lifecycle. This is enabled amongst others by Machine-to-Machine (M2M) capabilities. This information shall be leveraged to optimize remanufacturing operations.

Hence, the goal of PREMANUS is to provide economic and ecologic decision support for remanufacturing per individual product based on product lifecycle information.


  • Determine an individual product’s status, optimal remanufacturing strategy, and optimal integration into the remanufacturing operations based on.
  • Assessment of all available lifecycle information about the product.
  • Remanufacturing strategy: which components to reuse, which components to rework, which components to replace. This optimization is driven by the economic as well as the ecological perspective.
  • Information gap which is created when products leave the OEM, the first owner, etc. The information gap is the result of distributed information storage and ownership along a product’s lifecycle. However, all the information has potential value for an optimal remanufacturing decision. Thus, means for accessing this distributed information is required in order to close the gap.

PREMANUS will provide a software solution that provides Business Decision Support for individual End of Life product recovery and enables collecting the required product information from the product’s ecosystem.