The Remanufacturing Services Gateway (RSG)

The Remanufacturing Services Gateway (RSG) allows for efficient use of the information managed by the RIS. It enables product centric collaboration by exposing product data oriented services for EoL product recovery. The RSG are implemented following the principles of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA); support for web services and REST (REpresentational State Transfer) interfaces allow PREMANUS to create service compositions or so-called mashups. The RSG are realized as an extension of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) concept which facilitates seamless distributed connectivity through binding components and service composition through service components (which may implement a specific service or logically compose services). The ESB taken for this extension is the TIE SmartBridge. To facilitate loose coupling and great concurrency between different threads, the RSG will communicate via asynchronous message passing which means senders can send messages even in the absence of receivers. The RSG will persist messages and perform topic-based filtering specified by service consumers. The following main concepts are part of the RSG:

  • Semantic Service Bus: A distributed bus for message exchange with enhanced support of semantics/metadata, which is based on the TIE SmartBridge (TSB).
  • Stack of infrastructural services: For example publishing services, annotation services, authentication and authorization services, etc.
  • Adapter services: For connecting business systems (such as ERP, MES), diagnostics systems (predictive maintenance and monitoring systems), and integration middleware. These systems are source of information the PREMANUS Business Decision Support System uses.