Here you can find an index of the project’s results that are intended to be delivered.

Some of them are downloadable and public while others are private and you can ask for more informations.

Deliverable 1.1 A framework of current remanufacturing, servicing and End-of-Life practices
Deliverable 1.2 Business cases for current practices
Deliverable 1.3 Information transfer requirements to feed the PREMANUS architecture
Deliverable 1.4 KPI Definition for Remanufacturing

Deliverable 2.1 Inventory Analysis Report
Deliverable 2.2 Requirements Analysis Report
Deliverable 2.3 Interface specification document
Deliverable 2.4 Living Architecture Document

Deliverable 3.1 The product ID mapping and resolution strategy
Deliverable 3.2 Distributed Product Inforrmation Store

Deliverable 4.1 RSG Preliminary Prototype

Deliverable 5.1 Algorithms and methodologies for the EoL product recovery process
Deliverable 5.2 Product-centric EoL Business Decisions Support System

Deliverable 6.1 Pilots Requirements Management