We are @ReMaTec 2015

15 June 2015
Project PREMANUS @ReMaTec 2015 stand 10.312 ReMaTec proves itself as the biennial one-stop platform for the entire remanufacturing industry.
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10 June 2015
Project PREMANUS will attend the REMATEC 14-15-16 June at Amsterdam RAI
The purpose is to enhance remanufacturing profitability.
One of the key challenges in remanufacturing process is the information gap created between production, use and discard of a product. The goal of PREMANUS is to overcome the asymmetric distribution of information retrieving product information and data usage to optimize remanufacturing operations at component level. PREMANUS computes specific KPIs based on product usage data and make recommendations to its users regarding the viability and profitability of remanufacturing operations.
We are at

Ian Graham and Paul Goodall @Remanufacturing Week at the Amsterdam RAI 2015

10 May 2015
Loughborough University colleagues Ian Graham (Lecturer in Engineering Design) and Paul Goodall (Research Associate in Remanufacturing Service Systems) will be giving three important presentations during International Remanufacturing Week at the Amsterdam RAI:
  • Tuesday at 11:40 Paul will present some technical aspects of the project in, “Remanufacturing cost estimation with limited and uncertain information using case based reasoning”, at the International Conference on Remanufacturing (ICoR) * room E103.
  • Tuesday at 14:40 Ian will talk about “Key Performance Indictors for Remanufacturing”, using the PREMANUS projects’ two contrasting use-cases to illustrate how different blends of KPIs can be used to measure remanufacturing performance and create the drive for improvements (also room [...]

APMS 2014 International Conference Advances, in Production Management Systems September 20-24, 2014, Ajaccio France

1 September 2014
Politecnico di Milano is attending APMS Conference in Ajaccio. The research presented, entitled “Environmental Impact and Cost Evaluation in remanufacturing business decision support”, describes the methodology developed to evaluate the cost and environmental implications in engine remanufacturing sector, introducing the PREMANUS BDSS. It has been developed in conjunction with CRF. The final paper will be published in the conference proceedings.

2014 World Remanufacturing Summit Partnering Industry & Science 25-26 September 2014

25 July 2014
Politecnico di Milano and Loughborough University will participate at World Remanufacturing Summit in Rochester (New York) on the campus of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The PREMANUS Project overview will be presented with a focus on BDSS methodology. The two researches presented are respectively called “Cost and Environmental Impact Evaluation for End-of-Life Strategies in Remanufacturing” and “Decision Support Systems, Condition Monitoring and KPIs for Remanufacturing within Centro Ricerche FIAT and SKF”.

20th ICE Conference IEEE TMC Europe Conference 23-25 June 2014, Bergamo, Italy

26 June 2014
Politecnico di Milano has presented the first results of their research at ICE Conference in Bergamo. The research wants to evaluate the environmental impacts and economic costs of different end-of-life alternatives. The BDSS implementation has been described during the conference, with a focus on end-of-life alternatives strategies management in the automotive engine sector, in conjunction with CRF. The paper called “Environmental and Economic Evaluation of End-of-Life Alternatives for Automotive Engine” will be published in the conference proceedings.

17 Jan 2014 CRF hosted a research and development meeting

20 January 2014
On 17 Jan 2014 CRF kindly hosted a research and development meeting with visiting parties from Loughborough University, Politecnico di Milano and Holonix. During the discussion CRF reviewed the Garchizy plant process and requirements. Lboro team introduced their research progress and their perception of similarities and differences between the SKF Schwinfurt and CRF/FIAT Garchizy cases. Some detailed research topics were further discussed with some R&D consensus reached. Meanwhile, POLIMI and Holonix teams introduced the current design of the pilot system, along with the short-term schedule for the pilot review.

Planning meeting for PREMANUS CRF pilot, December 10th, Hosted by Holonix in Meda, Italy

12 December 2013

PREMANUS is getting lunched, pilot phase is starting!

In 10th of December 2013, 3 partner bodies of PREMANUS, Politecnico di Milano, Centro Ricerche Fiat & Holonix gathered in a full day meeting to plan and define steps and some details of PREMANUS pilot.

During this meeting it was defined how and to what extent, different components of PREMANUS Eco-System will be lunched to be used in FIAT. At the end of this meeting, the first version of time schedules, business requirements and technical details at this layer were defined.

Task forces have been built up for further developments. Now, all parties are excited to see how the works developed so far are going to function in the semi-real environment in one of the giants manufacturing companies of the world.

Crossing fingers and working hard!


2nd annual review on PREMANUS progress in European Union Commission, November 21st ~ 22nd, hosted by Sirris in Brussels and Leuven Belgium.

29 November 2013

PREMANUS has progressed well and starts its fruitful 3rd year, the duration could be extended by 6 month to explore the results much more!

In 21st to 22nd of November 2013, all partners of PREMANUS gathered in Brussels and Leuven, Belgium to stand and have a look backward to see how they have progressed and what needs to be done in the future.

The main aim was to report to the European Union commission board about project progress. PREMANUS has successfully handled the change in project partners, progressed very well and came up with its targeted prototypes.

Two different Business Decision Support modules, which together cover a wide range of industries, the cloud, and gateways which enable a fascinating ecosystem, are the main prototyped elements of PREMANUS [...]