Business Decision Support System (BDSS)

The third pillar of the PREMANUS middleware is the Business Decision Support System (BDSS). One of the objectives of the BDSS is to translate the business requirements for remanufacturing into technical executable services. The second objective of the BDSS is to perform optimization along the “time-cost-functionality” triangle on KPIs for product remanufacturing. Thus, this aspect of BDSS will enable users of the PREMANUS platform answer queries along the line of:

  • What is the economic and ecological tradeoff of purchasing a new versus remanufacturing this particular product?
  • Of the available use product cores on the market, which ones should be sourced?
  • Which components in the product are worth reusing without changes?
  • Which components of the product have worn out and can be remanufactured?
  • Which components of the product are beyond any recovery and have to be disposed?

The two primary concepts of the BDSS are:

  • EoL product recovery process eco-efficiency evaluator: Gives a recommendation on the effects of product recovery based on different environmental factors (for instance the calculation of LCA of alternative scenarios of dumping a product).
  • KPI optimizer: This component optimizes the different decision points involved in the remanufacturing of a product based on the data from diagnostics systems and business systems. An added feature of this component is to make suggestions on alternative sustainability measures if product remanufacturing is not possible (such as recycling and disposal).